Cry of Ukraine

24 January 2014

At night, the protesters captured the building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, located on Khreshchatyk. Commissioner of the European Union Füle discussed the way of peaceful decision of the political crisis in Ukraine with President Yanukovych and one of the leaders of the opposition V. Klitschko. In the evening, the opposition was resumed on the street, the opposition was resumed, accompanied by the burning of automotive tires, undermining Petard and shootouts using traumatic weapons. In the Interior Ministry reported that three policemen were captured by persons who call themselves “guarded by Maidan”. One of them was injured with a knife, after which he was released and hospitalized, two others were detained in the room of the KSC. On January 25, they were released with the assistance of foreign ambassadors and protesters, according to Zakharchenko testimony they were tortured.

Other Events

12 January 2014

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19 January 2014

In Kiev, about 100 thousand protesters, indignant laws, accepted by the proviscial majority of the Verkhovna Rada, were gathered in Kyiv, in violation of all

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