Chronology of events in Ukraine

Motivation for the creation of this project, is incorrect worldwide media reporting, about Ukraine crisis. “Scream of Ukraine” is public scream for humanity help. We will introduce the true events, in all languages, of all countries, where citizens are concerned to their right to truthful information. We want to present the true facts about Ukrainian “Euromaidan”, as they would not be hidden, in the shadow of great noise level, of mastermind media. We have a strong will, to help victory of truth….

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map of the former ukraine

Ukrainian crisis

At the end of November 2013 in the center of capital of Ukraine, Kiev city, on Independence Square after the announcement of President Viktor Yanukovych to refuse signing an association agreement with the EU began a mass protests, which was attended mostly residents of the western regions of Ukraine, foreigners and, of course, the people of Kiev. This resulted in an unconstitutional coup. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was captured radical extremist organization “Right Sector”. Viktor Yanukovych suffered attempted murder and was forced to flee to Russia. Since then, a group of people who were active on the Maidan begun to manage the country. Group is often called today as “junta”: Turchinov became acting interim president, Yatsenyuk – Premier, Klitschko – the mayor of Kiev. Poroshenko – one of the sponsors Euromaidan – was “elected” as President of Ukraine on June 7.

The seizure of power by extremists caused protests of the Crimean citizens, which led to a referendum which voted for to Crimea Autonomous Republic to join the Russian Federation; as well as the protests of residents of South-East Ukraine, which led to the seizure of regional administrations buildings in Lugansk and Donetsk cities, and the formation of armed people’s militia. In early May 2014, residents of Lugansk and Donetsk regions held a referendum in which the majority of citizens voted for the creation of independent Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics. In response, the Ukrainian National Guard and regular army began the so-called “anti-terrorist operation.” Under this operation name, Ukrainian authorities have hidden genocide against its own citizens. National Guard, which was created mainly from extremist organization “Right Sector” shoot to death defenseless people of the Southeast, including women in Mariupol and Donetsk cities. Mainly schools and hospitals were shelled with heavy artillery as in Slavyansk.

Ukrainian and Western media , taking advantage of a monopoly on news in their countries, gave false information about what was happening. For example, burned alive or lacerate people (mostly old men and women) were declared as “killed themselves” in the House of Trade Unions of Odessa. Another example, militias of Donetsk was declared guilty of shooting their Regional Administration building from jet fighter while they did not have such weaponry. Was decalared that Russian troops occupied half of Ukraine, and blame only Russian for all misdeeds. Lies of Western and Ukrainian media shocks by its absurdity and impudent. That is why we have created the project “Ukraine Creek” where chronologically presented truthful information about all the events Ukrainian crisis, all the crimes of the junta seized power, about sponsors Kiev Euromaidan – the U.S. and the EU parliament. Right Sector was grown with their money. Euromaidan was organized by them. And under their patronage genocide of the Ukrainian people is happening. Our every word is proved by photos and video materials. Do not forget about the feedback. Only by mutual help we can defeat this evil!


Crimea exit

8 years of shelling
by Kiev of Donetsk
and Luhansk

of terror by Kiev

The emergence
of the DNR
and LNR

Military special
operation of the
Russian Federation