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USA in Ukraine

Big investments should pay off well

On March 7, a plane with Ukraine’s gold reserves totaling $27 billion was taken from Boryspil Airport to the United States. Everything is very simple – large investments should pay off well.
The US government not only does not hide, but also makes an official statement that over the course of 20 years, only through the OFFICIAL channels of the State Department pumped 5 billion dollars into Ukraine. As if by a wave of a magic wand, Maidan grew when Yanukovych refused to sign the association with the EU. According to Sergei Glazyev, the United States spends $20 million per week on a protest in Ukraine. A decent amount grows, given that the Maidan stood for several months. Invested money must be returned! Here is the gold reserve and fit for these needs. Later, the new Kiev authorities admitted that 20 tons of gold “disappeared” from the vaults. You still don’t know how the protest is done in Ukraine? Then the following videos are for you:

Intercepted conversation

What about the leaked telephone conversation with Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador to Ukraine? Nuland ACKNOWLEDGED the authenticity of this recording! And she apologized for her harsh words against the EU. From this conversation of such high-ranking US officials, it is extremely obvious that it is the United States that is organizing the Maidan.

Many made a noise and forgot about this conversation. But the most interesting lies right here. Nuland and Pyatt discussed who should enter the government and who should not. Klitschko was supposed to be left behind, Yatsenyuk to rule the country. But that’s exactly what happened. Klitschko, out of fear, even refused to run for president.

Military mercenaries

There is a lot of talk in the Western press about “little green men” in Crimea. But there no one talks about American mercenaries in Ukraine. And it would be time already, because they are not hiding from the cameras running around in Kyiv, Kharkov, Donetsk. Packs disappear in Ukraine, that even the head of the CIA comes to look for them. Here is a video compilation on the subject:

Shale gas. Business on the blood

The Americans need such a government in Kyiv that will let them go there and be ready for production sharing agreements, which used to be practiced with disenfranchised colonies. In Western Ukraine, everyone is ready for this. In the Donbass, a war began with dissenters. Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk, Mariupol. If you look closely, this is a map of deposits!

The ever-attacking “golden calf” in the Ukrainian case did not reveal itself until the very last moment. The news about the appointment of the son of US Vice President Joe Biden helps to put together a complex puzzle. In a series of “color” revolutions, this one is the first to be devoid of color. Like shale gas.

The reshuffle in the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas producing company Burisma, where the American lawyer Hunter Biden got a job, probably could not have been given world publicity. But leaks of this kind occur when the true owner decided to come out of the shadows – Biden Jr. went online.

“Burisma’s track record as an innovator and leader in the gas industry means it can be a powerful force in building a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new board member, I believe my assistance on transparency, corporate governance and international development can benefit the economy and the people of Ukraine,” Biden Jr. wrote.

The successes of the Cyprus offshore are just a thick folder of licenses for the development of shale gas fields. But in the Donetsk region alone, the volume of deposits is estimated at two trillion cubic meters.

“If Ukraine can create efficient supplies from the new European gas market and pay attention to fuel efficiency, then potentially until 2020 it will be able to rely on itself to meet its needs. This will be a historic moment for this country,” said Carlos Pascual, State Department coordinator United States on international energy issues.

Along with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, a close friend of the stepson of Secretary of State John Kerry, heir to the Heinz ketchup empire, joined the Burisma board of directors. The third important character is former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski. His 27 visits to Kyiv became part of the European integration campaign for Ukraine. The main point is the free trade zone. They plan to sign on June 27th. The US wants to have such a zone with the European Union.

According to US laws, export supplies of gas, whose production in America can be carried out only to countries with which a duty-free trade agreement has been concluded. But in “old Europe” they are afraid that gas producers will follow the gas. Environmentally damaging hydraulic fracturing is banned in France. The Germans are getting closer to such a decision.
Ukraine, with its shale deposits, is a favorable compromise for the West. Complaints from the village of Vesele, where exploration work is in full swing, are not heard in Kyiv. And they will definitely not be heard in Brussels and Washington.

Shell drills in Kharkiv region, Chevron drills in Lviv region. If all goes well with the free trade zone, other US manufacturers could be in on the action as well. The same Burisma is considered by some analysts as a potential buyer of all Naftogaz’s mining assets in general. A ready-made transportation system is also available.

“Washington is very concerned that a country like Germany is so dependent on Russian supplies. If the US succeeds in producing enough shale gas in Ukraine, the Germans may sideline Russia and try to make Europe independent of Russian resources. Their main concern is that Due to close economic ties with Russia, Germany is losing its status as a puppet state,” said Paul Craig Roberts, former adviser to the President of the United States.

“This is business. And you always have to look for the main reason in it. Do you think that there is any difference between what they did in Ukraine and what happened in Iran in 1953? Or with the mass protests in Bahrain, or with the war in Iraq, or with Libya, or with demonstrations in Venezuela? It always concerns oil and gas. Only them, “said Gerald Celente, head of the Trend Research Institute.

Well-known Australian journalist John Pilger on the pages of the British The Guardian analyzes the methods in detail. “Like the ruins of Iraq and Afghanistan, Ukraine is now turning into a CIA theme park, personally managed from Kyiv by CIA director John Brennan. opposed the February coup.

The fact of Brennan’s Kiev voyage to Langley was first denied, then creakingly admitted, but as soon as the head of Spiegel wrote about the presence of mercenaries from the American Academy in Ukraine, the CIA spoke himself. “Yes, I was in Kyiv,” he said.

We learned about soldiers of fortune marching across Ukraine from German intelligence. Avakov’s Facebook, hacked by hackers, contains correspondence with Deputy Prime Minister Yarema, which explains a lot. “Now I’m dealing with those who arrived, sorting them out and finding translators. How about funding the next batch?” Avakov asks in his correspondence. “There will be money, there are no questions about this. It is important to strengthen Donetsk, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk,” Yarema replies.

But the fact that in the event of a police turn of Ukraine to the West, it is the southeast that will blaze, Washington was aware of six years ago. The WikiLeaks website has released twelve dispatches sent by the American ambassador to Moscow, William Burns. Burns wrote a couple of months before the summit in Bucharest. Yushchenko hoped very much to get an action plan for NATO membership, and Bush promised him that.

“Experts say Russia is particularly concerned that the deep division in Ukraine over NATO membership, opposed by the majority of the Russian-speaking population, could lead to the country’s division, violence and, in the worst case, civil war,” the document said.

Nor was the dispatch that Bush shelved in the Oval Office useful to his current owner, whose administration seems to share the main principle of the previous one: if you have something in the bowels, then our democracy will fly to you.

Source: Blood Business

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