Cry of Ukraine

Lies of the Ukrainian media

Around the events in Ukraine, we are witnessing a global information war today, in its best traditions. Since March 11, Russian TV channels have been turned off throughout Ukraine and total disinformation of the population has begun. Today, all TV channels in Ukraine belong to oligarchs who are interested in Ukrainians not knowing what is happening in their country. Below is a table with a list of media outlets and their hosts. Do you still think that the Ukrainian media cover the current events with an open mind?!

Lies of the Ukrainian media

The most revealing evidence of the lies of the Ukrainian media.

Principles of deception/exposure of fakes

We must pay tribute to Anatoly Shariy. This man shows the world how the Ukrainian media deceive their people. From the first minutes of any video created by Anatoly, the principles of the Ukrainian media become clear. That is why we begin this section with a small video compilation of these revelations. You can watch other videos on Anatoly Shariy’s YOUTUBE channel.

TechCamp Project

The Techcamp project is aimed at training specialists in information warfare and discrediting state institutions in modern media, potential revolutionaries to organize protest actions and overthrow the state regime. The project is under the patronage and curatorship of the US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt. The original

European integrators of Sevastopol

Channel 5, under the cover of night in Sevastopol, shoots “European integrators”. This is how propaganda is done that Sevastopol is for the Maidan! Here they are, honest journalists and democratic news! They distributed money to the traitors in advance explaining to them what to say.

And this is a portion of Ukrainian newspaper and online publications