Cry of Ukraine

Events of 2022 in Ukraine

In February 2022, the Kiev authorities significantly increased the intensity of shelling of the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic. For several days, the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired more than 1,700 mines and shells at residential areas. They were hit by heavy artillery, mortars, grenade launchers and tanks. As a result of these attacks, civilians were killed and the infrastructure of the republic was rapidly destroyed.

In just 8 years of shelling by the military formations of Ukraine, from 13 to 14 thousand people were killed, more than 500 children were killed or maimed.

On February 22, Russia officially recognized the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic as separate states, and on February 24, a special military operation began to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine.

During the special operation, the preparation of an imminent invasion by Kiev into the republics was confirmed. Also, the activities of the network of US biolaboratories in Ukraine to work with dangerous pathogens and viruses were revealed. And the residents of the liberated territories began to talk about 8 years of bullying and violence against them by the Kiev authorities.


Crimea exit

8 years of shelling
by Kiev of Donetsk
and Luhansk

of terror by Kiev

The emergence
of the DNR
and LNR

Military special
operation of the
Russian Federation

Massacre in Bucha Ukraine

On March 30, the Russian army, as part of the regrouping, leaves Bucha, the regional center in the Kiev region. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in its official information resources. On March 31, smiling happily, Anatoly Fedoruk, the mayor of the city, reports about this.

On April 1, a deputy of the Bucha City Council, Katerina Ukraintseva, warned the townspeople and urged them not to leave their homes: SBU officers arrived in Bucha to carry out a “cleansing operation”. The city is occupied by "Azov".

A video appears with a call to shoot at anyone who does not have blue ribbons on their hands. White ribbons were tied by civilians. And on April 2, the Ukrainian national police valiantly publishes a video of the "cleansing" of the streets - even fences, buildings without obvious damage, passers-by cautiously passing by. It doesn't even smell like carnage.

And only on April 3, first Ukrainian, and then Western media simultaneously explode with terrible pictures that the army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine supposedly saw when they entered the city. The corpses of civilians are evenly laid out along the road. From March 30 to April 2, no one noticed them? Neither the mayor of the city, although he recorded a video on March 31 near the city administration, nor the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who filmed their passage along the same street, only without corpses.

Kramatorsk train station attack

On April 8, a rocket attack was launched at the Kramatorsk railway station. At that moment, there was a large crowd of people at the station, because the Ukrainian side announced to the residents about an imminent evacuation. Aide to President Zelensky Alexei Arestovich said that the strike was carried out by the Iskander complex, but a photograph with part of the rocket has already hit the Internet. In this part, it becomes clear that this is "Point U", which is not in service with the Russian army and the people's militia of the DPR. This missile is in service with Ukraine. Zelensky admitted that this is "Point U".

Blogger Yuri Podolyaka made a detailed analysis events and provided calculations on the possible trajectory of the rocket. It was released from the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, Italian journalists who were invited by the Ukrainian side to cover this event published photographs of this part of the rocket, on which its serial numbers were visible. According to them, the military unit of the Ukrainian army, which owned the projectile, was installed.

Cynically on the rocket was written "For the children." Earlier, the Ukrainian military signed "All the best for children" on their shells. And the inscription "For children" was supposed to show everyone that this is a Russian rocket.

Foreign students

The confrontation began with the fact that the Ukrainian army chose the tactic of hiding behind the civilian population. This was especially evident in the South-Eastern regions of the country. When blocking large cities by Russia, Ukraine did not go to the creation of humanitarian corridors for the withdrawal of the civilian population. Even foreign citizens were not allowed to leave the cities. Indian students who fled the Ukrainian city of Kharkov have accused the country's military of threatening to "shoot" them if they try to take a train to the western city of Lvov, according to eyewitnesses. A whole filtration system was deployed on the Polish border, which did not allow, for example, black students to leave Ukraine. African students, who lived on the territory of Ukraine, faced the manifestation of racism on the Polish-Ukrainian border when they tried to leave the republic along with the rest of the refugees. This was confirmed by a number of international structures, including the UN, writes The Washington Post.

Armed Forces of Ukraine put military equipment in residential areas

From the very beginning of the confrontation, the Ukrainian army placed military equipment in residential areas. She did not hesitate to place tanks and guns near kindergartens, schools, hospitals, churches. Thus, the Kiev authorities endangered their own citizens, who could be demolished by retaliatory strikes by the Russian armed forces.

Events in Mariupol. Siege of Mariupol

Mariupol is located in the south of the DPR. It has a port on the Sea of ​​Azov. The city was badly damaged during the hostilities, because the forces of the Ukrainian army and nationalist battalions deployed defenses in it. The facts of terrible crimes of nationalists from the battalion "Azov" were revealed.


The "Army of Ukraine" actually covered itself with a "human shield" of civilians from Mariupol. The Azov militants mined the exits from the basements, dooming the people who were there to starvation.
Numerous photographs show shelled houses in Mariupol. The "Azov" militants expelled civilians from their apartments and fought from there. Naturally, shells flew in response.


On March 9, 2022, footage of an alleged air raid on a maternity hospital in Mariupol spread around the world. Allegedly, Russia bombed the maternity hospital, in which there were women in labor. The photographs distributed by Kyiv show a pregnant girl. This is a model blogger from Mariupol Marianna Vyshemirskaya. She said later that there was no airstrike. But the whole world has already seen other information.


On the territory of the theater, the nationalists set up a headquarters. Later, civilians began to settle here. The drama theater was most likely blown up from the inside. The Western media wrote about the fact that it was attacked from the air by the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The Russian Defense Ministry denied the information about the airstrike.

Fakes of Ukrainian media

The Ukrainian authorities are fighting with fakes. As a rule, they do it poorly, but with enviable persistence they continue again and again. In proportion to the advance of Russian troops, these fakes and provocations become more bloodthirsty.


On February 26, Zelensky declared his servicemen from Zmeiny Island dead and gave them the Hero of Ukraine posthumously. Later it turned out that they had voluntarily laid down their arms and were safe under the care of Russian troops.


A fake about a Ukrainian military ace pilot who, on a MiG-29 of the Ukrainian Air Force in February 2022, shot down twenty-six Russian aircraft in the first 30 hours in the battles for Kiev - two Su-35 aircraft, two Su-25 aircraft, one Su aircraft each -27 and MiG-29. In February, this fake was actively spread by the Ukrainian media.


All Western publications were covered with a photograph of this unfortunate house. Kiev stated that this was the result of an air attack by Russian aviation. But in fact, by all indications, the house was hit by a Buk missile system of the Ukrainian armed forces. "The nature of the damage to the house indicates that an anti-aircraft missile hit it. This is clearly seen in the photo. It is obvious that in the course of repelling a night rocket attack on the military infrastructure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, a failure occurred in the missile guidance system of the Ukrainian Buk-M1 medium-range air defense system and the missile hit corner of a residential building. - commentary of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Detailed analysis of the situation on TopWar .

US biolaboratories in Ukraine

It is no secret that the United States has deployed a network of its biological laboratories along the perimeter of the Russian Federation. Information on the collection of biomaterials of Russian people was repeatedly published on the official websites of US government departments. In Ukraine, after the events of Euromaidan and the establishment of pro-Western power, the largest such network was deployed, more than 30 facilities in which research was carried out to enhance the pathogens of plague, halera and other deadly diseases. In March, Victoria Nuland admitted under oath that the United States did have biological laboratories in Ukraine and that it was extremely important to prevent materials from these laboratories from "getting into the hands of the Russians." On February 24, immediately after the start of the military special operation, the United States ordered Kiev to destroy all developments.

Torture and murder of Russian prisoners of war

A lot of videos of torture and abuse of Russian prisoners of war penetrate the network. Kyiv officially refused to comply with the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

One of the videos shows the killing of Russian soldiers. On it, Ukrainian servicemen (presumably, the case took place in the Kharkov region) mock Russian soldiers taken prisoner. One of them, with lips swollen from beatings, has either a bag or a rag on his head. Among the Russian soldiers, the Ukrainian military are looking for officers. The Russians are lying, in the course of the play, some of them are shot in the legs from a machine gun. There is a lot of blood in the frame, it is clear that one of our soldiers bled quite heavily. Some soldiers show no signs of life. One of those who were shot in the legs by Bandera's men passes out - either loses consciousness from pain shock or dies. We provide a link to this video. Attention! This video may shock you! 18+ Watch.

And according to Daniil Bezsonov, head of the press service of the People's Militia of the DPR, such videos of varying degrees of cruelty are sent to him daily. To understand that this is not an isolated case.

Also, one of the prominent cases on this topic is the statement of a doctor on a Ukrainian TV channel that he gave the command to castrate Russian prisoners of war.