Cry of Ukraine

Kramatorsk train station attack

On April 8, a rocket attack was launched at the Kramatorsk railway station. At that moment, there was a large crowd of people at the station, because the Ukrainian side announced to the residents about an imminent evacuation. Aide to President Zelensky Alexei Arestovich said that the strike was carried out by the Iskander complex, but a photograph with part of the rocket has already hit the Internet. In this part, it becomes clear that this is “Point U”, which is not in service with the Russian army and the people’s militia of the DPR. This missile is in service with Ukraine. Zelensky admitted that this is “Point U”.

Blogger Yuri Podolyaka made a detailed analysis events and provided calculations on the possible trajectory of the rocket. It was released from the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, Italian journalists who were invited by the Ukrainian side to cover this event published photographs of this part of the rocket, on which its serial numbers were visible. According to them, the military unit of the Ukrainian army, which owned the projectile, was installed.

Cynically on the rocket was written “For the children.” Earlier, the Ukrainian military signed “All the best for children” on their shells. And the inscription “For children” was supposed to show everyone that this is a Russian rocket.

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