Cry of Ukraine

Chronology of events in the Lviv region

22 November 2013

In Lviv, in front of the building of the Lviv Regional State Administration, a rally of students, supporters of Euromaidan, numbering about 2 thousand participants, took place. Mayor Andrey Sadovy and rector of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Ivan Vakarchuk spoke before them.

24 November 2013

According to various sources, about 10,000 participants gathered at the rally in support of European integration, most of whom were students from Lviv universities.

2 December 2013

As the chairman of the Lviv Regional Council Petr Kolodiy stated, the Lviv region announces the maximum mobilization to support the Euromaidan in Kyiv: “We are announcing the maximum mobilization of people to leave for Kyiv. We will not include women, children and citizens under the age of 20 in the lists of those wishing to.”

17 December 2013

The Lviv Regional Council, following Ivano-Frankivsk, withdrew delegated powers from the regional state administration.

The mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, said that he would not allow the dispersal of the Euromaidan in Lviv, and condemned the Berkut's violent action in Kyiv. The faction of the Party of Regions in the Lviv City Council ceased to exist.

22 January 2014

There was a forcible seizure of the Brody district state administration of the Lviv region (by the forces of the VO "Svoboda").

23 January 2014

Several thousand people seized the Lviv Regional State Administration today and intend to create a people's council. During the rally, Oleg Salo, the head of the region, was forced to sign a letter of resignation.

25 January 2014

The Lviv Regional Council has created a  new self-government body in the region  - the Executive Committee, which will take over the functions of the regional administration

28 January 2014

There was a clash between the deputies from the VO "Svoboda" and representatives of the "Autonomous Resistance" due to disagreements about further actions regarding the retention of the RSA building.

14 February 2014

In the Lviv region, the house of the deputy of the Party of Regions A. Herman was set on fire.

19 February 2014

In Lviv, on the night of February 19 and during the day, the buildings of the regional administration were seized, as well as the regional departments of the SBU, the prosecutor's office, the tax administration, the traffic police, the regional and city departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the district offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Galitsky, Frankovsky, Shevchenkovsky and Lychakovsky, which was accompanied by the destruction office equipment and documents, the seizure of more than 1,170 firearms (almost a thousand Makarov pistols, more than 170 Kalashnikov assault rifles, sniper rifles and Kalashnikov machine guns, more than 18,000 cartridges of various calibers). In March 2014, it was reported that more than five thousand Kalashnikov assault rifles, 2,741 Makarov pistols, 123 light machine guns, 12 Shmel jet flamethrowers, 1,500 F-1 grenades and a significant amount of ammunition were stolen from the warehouses of internal troops in the Lviv region.

An attempt was made to set fire to the Zaliznychny regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the building of the Frankovsky District Court with office equipment and documents was burned. Military unit 4114 of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lvov was burned to the ground, the soldiers of the unit as a result of the fire completely lost ammunition, weapons and a place to sleep (the barracks, arsenal and utility rooms burned down). During the assault on the barracks of unit No. 4114 of the Internal Troops of Ukraine, Euromaidan supporters seized military ammunition and set fire to the building of the unit, causing the burning of at least one of the servicemen; the fire later spread to an ammunition depot. In the regional center, the police call line 102 stopped working, 30% of police vehicles were destroyed. An attempt was made to capture the Lviv University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the same time, the movement of trains between Lviv and Kyiv was suspended, according to representatives of Ukrzaliznytsia, for an indefinite period.

20 February 2014

Unknown people set fire to Berkut's base in Lvov. Several people died in the fire. The Lviv Regional Council banned the wearing of masks, balaclavas, etc. in public places in order to combat vandalism, looting and provocations. At the same time, security is guaranteed for all citizens who are part of the self-defense ranks of the Maidan, the Right Sector, the Galician Legion, etc.

22 February 2014

In the city of Stryi, Lviv region, a monument to a Soviet soldier was dismantled.

Supporters of "Euromaidan" captured and subjected to lynching and torture the first secretary of the Lviv City Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine R. Vasilko. According to eyewitnesses, they drove needles under his nails, pierced his right lung, broke three ribs, his nose and facial bone, and threatened to destroy his family. After severe torture, R. Vasilko ended up in the hospital, from where, due to ongoing threats, he was taken abroad by his relatives.

In Lvov, on the stage installed on the central square of the city near the monument to T.G. Shevchenko, local nationalists forced the fighters of the Lvov division of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Berkut" to kneel and ask for forgiveness for participating in actions against Euromaidan in Kyiv.
Similar actions were held in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk.

1 March 2014

Nationalist-minded elements organized pickets near the Russian Consulate General in Lvov. In the evening, the protesters attempted to block the entrance gates of the Russian diplomatic mission with their personal vehicles.

28 April 2014

A march was held in honor of the SS division Galicia, which fought during the German occupation of Ukraine on the side of Hitler. Kiev authorities cancel the May 9 victory parade. The Lviv administration and the right sector warns veterans of the Great Patriotic War not to wear medals on May 9th.

29 April 2014

Cyberbercut hacked 89 e-mail boxes of the Lviv Regional Prosecutor's Office!
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