Cry of Ukraine

28 April 2014

A march was held in honor of the SS division Galicia, which fought during the German occupation of Ukraine on the side of Hitler. Kiev authorities cancel the May 9 victory parade. The Lviv administration and the right sector warns veterans of the Great Patriotic War not to wear medals on May 9th.

Other Events

22 November 2013

In Lviv, in front of the building of the Lviv Regional State Administration, a rally of students, supporters of Euromaidan, numbering about 2 thousand participants,

24 November 2013

According to various sources, about 10,000 participants gathered at the rally in support of European integration, most of whom were students from Lviv universities.

2 December 2013

As the chairman of the Lviv Regional Council Petr Kolodiy stated, the Lviv region announces the maximum mobilization to support the Euromaidan in Kyiv: “We

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map of the former ukraine

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