Cry of Ukraine

Snipers on Maidan

It is impossible to ignore the key evidence of the fact that provocateurs were present on the Maidan, some third party that was interested in spilling as much blood as possible during the protest. On February 20, snipers shot people on the Maidan. Moreover, the wounded and killed were both from the Maidan activists and from the Berkut side. And the number of those killed goes to dozens.

They fired from the hotel “Ukraine”, which at that time was occupied by the forces of the Maidan. We want to provide footage of the execution and two video investigations, after watching which we can say with full confidence who shot!!

Agree how cynical it is: to put a sniper and an operator together to create a video sensation!
For the show!!

And the next video for reflection. Pashinsky, not the last politician in Ukraine, takes a rifle from the Maidan. The protesters find her in the trunk of his car, start asking questions if she is shooting at Maidaun, and without explaining anything, he gets into the car and leaves…

Publicized telephone conversation

On March 5, 2014, a recording of a telephone conversation dated February 26, 2014 between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia U. Paet and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy K. Ashton appeared on the Internet following the visit of the Estonian Foreign Minister to Ukraine. During the conversation, U. Paet referred to the information received from the head physician of the “Maidan” O. Bogomolets about snipers who shot at people during the protests in Kyiv. According to him, all the evidence points to the fact that both protesters and law enforcement officers were killed by the same snipers. He said that the new coalition is unwilling to investigate the exact circumstances of what happened and that there is a rapidly growing understanding among people that it was not V. Yanukovych who was behind these snipers, but someone from the new coalition.

But in principle, what and why should anyone prove? People on the Maidan freely used firearms! Snipers shooting from the windows of the hotel “Ukraine” shoot the shooting of the Maidan on camera and upload the video to the Internet!

And in the end, a selection of videos on the topic: