Cry of Ukraine

Chronology of events in the Transcarpathian region

2 December 2013

About 2,000 people took part in mass protests

3 December 2013

The Transcarpathian Regional Council expressed support for the Euromaidan participants and outrage at the brutal dispersal of the Euromaidan, calling it a crime, demanded the immediate resignation of the government, reserving the right to civil disobedience and an all-Ukrainian strike in the event of continued use of force against citizens.

28 January 2014

The Transcarpathian Regional Council recognized the "People's Rada of Ukraine" and voted for the creation of the "People's Rada of Transcarpathia".

19 February 2014

In Uzhgorod, the protesters seized the building of the regional state administration, after which they began to equip barricades in it. Later, the crowd moved to the building of the rectorate of Uzhgorod National University demanding the resignation of rector Fyodor Vashchuk.

23 February 2014

In Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region, activists of the local "Legal Sector" tied S. Kharchenko, head of the Chop customs, to a pole in front of the building of the regional state administration. Threatened with violence, he was forced to write a letter of resignation.

30 April 2014

Transcarpathian "Berkut" refused to follow the orders of the illegitimate junta, supported this bold decision and the families of the Berkut, organizing a picket near the "Berkut" base. Source in VK
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