Cry of Ukraine

Chronology of events in the Cherkasy region

24 November 2013

In Cherkassy, ​​about 4,000 protesters stormed the regional police, demanding the release of 58 people who had been detained the day before for attempting to storm the state administration.

23 January 2014

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies managed to regain control over the building of the administration of the city of Cherkasy, seized by protesters on the evening of January 23. According to preliminary data, 16 people were detained during the operation.

19 February 2014

Near the city of Korsun-Shevchenkovsky (Cherkassy region), several buses, on which participants of the rally against European integration on Mikhailovskaya Square in Kyiv were returning to Crimea, were fired upon from firearms and stopped at a barricade with the flags of the UPA, the Udar party and the VO Svoboda. People - men and women - were taken out of the buses through the "corridor" of militants, who beat them with bats and sapper shovels. Then the protesters were thrown into a pile on the side of the road and doused with gasoline, threatening to set them on fire. From the crowd of militants, according to eyewitnesses, they shouted: “Wait, we will come to you in Crimea again. We will cut and shoot you, who was not finished off and not shot.” After that, they took off their shoes from many Crimeans “for the needs of the Maidan fighters” and drove around the buses, forcing them to collect broken glass. The humiliation and bullying continued for several hours. Among the victims were those who were killed. Most of the buses were burned. The local police, who were called, chose not to intervene.
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