Cry of Ukraine

20 February 2014

Unknown people set fire to Berkut’s base in Lvov. Several people died in the fire. The Lviv Regional Council banned the wearing of masks, balaclavas, etc. in public places in order to combat vandalism, looting and provocations. At the same time, security is guaranteed for all citizens who are part of the self-defense ranks of the Maidan, the Right Sector, the Galician Legion, etc.

Other Events

22 November 2013

In Lviv, in front of the building of the Lviv Regional State Administration, a rally of students, supporters of Euromaidan, numbering about 2 thousand participants,

24 November 2013

According to various sources, about 10,000 participants gathered at the rally in support of European integration, most of whom were students from Lviv universities.

2 December 2013

As the chairman of the Lviv Regional Council Petr Kolodiy stated, the Lviv region announces the maximum mobilization to support the Euromaidan in Kyiv: “We

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