Cry of Ukraine

23 January 2014

Oppositionists spend five-hour negotiations with Viktor Yanukovych. During the negotiations, a truce was announced. According to the results of these negotiations, the opposition stated that he had achieved agreement with the authorities on the release of people arrested for the shares, subject to the liberation of the government quarter, unlocking the Strezhevsky street. However, the People’s Assembly rejected this proposal, after which Arseny Yatsenyuk announced the expansion of Maidan to Grushevsky Street. !!! This is not the only case when Maidan does not listen to his “leaders”. It is worth thinking about those who actually managed the crowd of radicals!

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Video and photo evidence

We demonstrate the following footage solely for the purpose of proving the presence of fascism and nationalism in Ukraine. Our project does not call for

21 November 2013

This day is considered as the birthday of the Maidan. A little earlier, President Viktor Yanukovych announced the suspension of agreements between the EU and

21 November 2013

The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea supported the decision of the Prime Minister to suspend the process of European integration, while expressing

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