Cry of Ukraine

Chronology of Euromaidan – January

12 January 2014

In Kyiv, the first in 2014 was held in Independence Square. Near the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, the rally of the AvtoDan participants was held in Mezhigorye.

16 January 2014

The Parliament of Ukraine adopted the state budget for 2014. The Verkhovna Rada also approved a number of amendments to other laws, to which the conclusion of the Profile Committee and the Expertise Expert Council of the Verkhovna Rada. In a number of media, these amendments were called "dictatorial". These changes in legislation contained a number of new restrictions, and also increased responsibility for some of the violations already stipulated by the legislation, many of which concern participation in protest. Including laws were adopted: the possibility of blocking sites to solve experts, on administrative responsibility for the installation without resolving tents, scenes and sound equipment for meetings, prohibit finding on demons in masks and with weapons, the need to register with political organizations funded by abroad.

19 January 2014

In Kiev, about 100 thousand protesters, indignant laws, accepted by the proviscial majority of the Verkhovna Rada, were gathered in Kyiv, in violation of all regulations, without discussion in the committees. The opposition announced the transformation of Ukraine into a police state, an attempt to establish an authoritarian dictatorship, infringement of citizens' rights to adopted laws, the need to create a "national government" and holding early presidential elections. The action turned into confrontation with the police.

Stroke riots

The collisions began after the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs refused to miss the protesters to the building of the Verkhovna Rada. Protesters intended to block parliament so that the deputies canceled the laws adopted on January 16. During the confrontation, activists set fire to several buses "Dynamo", and the fighters themselves scored with Petardians and Molotov's cocktails, and stones went into the course. Police applied special safety: light grenades, tear gas. To extinguish the adjustable activists of the vehicles, waterways were used. The one hundred people were injured on both sides. The victims were diagnosed with closed cranopy and brain injuries, fractures, bruises and poisoning by unknown substances. The confrontation continued on January 20.

20 January 2014

The Council of EU Foreign Ministers called on official Kyiv to revise "laws of January 16". "They will significantly limit the fundamental rights of Ukrainian citizens to the union, freedom of media and the press, and the activities of public organizations will seriously demolish," the ministers assured. Actually, the most resonant changes relate to rallies. The responsibility for organizing unauthorized shares and participation in them is significantly tightened. !!! These statements of politicians from the West almost all forgotten. But it would be nice to remember them on that day, when all the Russian TV channels had banned the power of the opposition throughout the Russian television channels, thus stopped completely, thus freedom of speech in this country. Europe did not comment on this event, despite the fact that this precedent is neither comparison of "dictatorship" with the laws of January 16.

21 January 2014

The laws adopted on January 16 were published by the newspapers "Voice of Ukraine" and "Government courier" and the next day most of them entered into force. On January 28, the Verkhovna Rada canceled some of them.

22 January 2014

The center of confrontation in Kyiv became the Street of Grushevsky - it leads to the government quarter, where radicals are striving. On the night of January 23, tires and houses were burning in the center of the Ukrainian capital. On Maidan and Khreshchatyka, barricades are built and strengthened.

Everyone has been known about the four of the activists on January 22 who died on the Maidan. But not everyone knows the following facts:
The body of the Oppositionist Yuri Verbicksky, who was abducted from the Alexander Hospital in Kyiv, together with the oppositionist Igor Lutsenko, was found in the forest. Expertise showed that death came as a result of hypothermia.
The bodies of life and Nigoyan were found in the building of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine after an anonymous call. The examination showed that the rest killed on Grushevsky Street died from gunshot wounds deposited from a distance of two to three meters from above under a rather large angle. Investigators were also able to set the exact time of the death of the dead, but the place of receipt of the injuries could not be established. In addition, the examination showed that Sergei Nigoyan's murder was made from the same weapons that the murder of law enforcement officers committed on January 24th.

23 January 2014

Oppositionists spend five-hour negotiations with Viktor Yanukovych. During the negotiations, a truce was announced. According to the results of these negotiations, the opposition stated that he had achieved agreement with the authorities on the release of people arrested for the shares, subject to the liberation of the government quarter, unlocking the Strezhevsky street. However, the People's Assembly rejected this proposal, after which Arseny Yatsenyuk announced the expansion of Maidan to Grushevsky Street. !!! This is not the only case when Maidan does not listen to his "leaders". It is worth thinking about those who actually managed the crowd of radicals!

24 January 2014

At night, the protesters captured the building of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, located on Khreshchatyk. Commissioner of the European Union Füle discussed the way of peaceful decision of the political crisis in Ukraine with President Yanukovych and one of the leaders of the opposition V. Klitschko. In the evening, the opposition was resumed on the street, the opposition was resumed, accompanied by the burning of automotive tires, undermining Petard and shootouts using traumatic weapons. In the Interior Ministry reported that three policemen were captured by persons who call themselves "guarded by Maidan". One of them was injured with a knife, after which he was released and hospitalized, two others were detained in the room of the KSC. On January 25, they were released with the assistance of foreign ambassadors and protesters, according to Zakharchenko testimony they were tortured.

25 January 2014


Activities of the radical movement "General case" captured the building of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. A detachment of 300 militants was attempted to capture a strategic facility - the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. Energy Minister Edward Stavitskyi came to the invaders and convinced them to leave the strategic object. The military personnel of the internal troops, located in the Ukrainian house, which was previously not engaged in protesters, were kept in it, they were found in the protesters. During the beginning of the assault, a number of armored glasses of the transparent facade of the building and the protesters began to throw tires with a fiery mixture with a spicy mixture. The servicemen tried to reflect the assault, throwing light grenades and watering the attackers with water from the hoses, but the lack of effective means of protection and the multiple numerical advantage of the attackers reduced their attempt to defend the building. They were invited to reach through the generated corridor. After negotiations with Vitaly Klitschko, law enforcement officers left the building through the side entrance. The next day, the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement that during the confrontation in police officers, except for stones and bottles with an incendiary mixture, rushed a fighting grenade of RSD-5, from which the check was not survived


During the negotiations with the opposition leaders, Viktor Yanukovych proposed the leader of the Batkivshchyna faction to Arsenia Yatsenyuk, the post of Prime Minister, and the leader of the strike party Vitaly Klitschko - Deputy Prime Minister for Humanitarian Affairs. "In the case of the consent of the Arseny Yatsenyuk, to take the post of Prime Minister to the president will be decided on the resignation of the government," the Minister of Justice said Elena Lukash. Yatsenyuk stated that the opposition is ready to take responsibility for the country and lead it to the European Union. Klitschko at the rally Euromaidan announced that the opposition demands early presidential elections this year. The leader of the faction in "Freedom" Oleg Taignibok believes that President Yanukovych began to make concessions due to the activity of the regions. So far, however, the opposition refused the proposals of the authorities, considering them insufficient.

26 January 2014

Veterans- "Afghans" on the roof of the Ukrainian house were found combat cartridges. In this regard, the deputies were asked to investigate whether snipers were on the roof of the Ukrainian house, since it was on the roof, besides handful of cartridges to a car cartridge 7.62? 39 mm, two cartridges were found from a sniper rifle and oil paper, which served as a separator in the box with cartridges. The Ukrainian house is opposite the barricades on Grushevsky Street.

27 January 2014

Demonstrators captured the Ministry of Justice, and began to barricad. They refused to leave the room, despite the request of Vitaly Klitschko. Responsibility for the seizure of the building took over the civil motion "The spinal on the right."

28 January 2014

Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolai Azarov resigned, which President Viktor Yanukovych accepted. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the resignation of the Prime Minister will attract the resignation of the entire Cabinet of Ministers. The responsibilities of the head of the government of Ukraine began to fulfill the first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov. Most of the "laws on January 16" was canceled by a majority vote. Finally, "Laws January 16" was canceled on January 31 by the Decree of President Viktor Yanukovych No. 732-VII. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Inna Theological announced on the channel 5 of the channel, which at a meeting of the Party faction of the regions, held on January 28, people from Rinat Akhmetov (40 deputies) and Sergey Tigipko (38 deputies) refused to support the introduction of a state of emergency in Ukraine, which insisted In particular, the group, controlled by Kurai (the head of the Presidential Administration).

29 January 2014

Today, the first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, chaired by the Acting Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov, was held. Before the start of the meeting, the head of the government, Nikolai Azarov, submitted on the head of the head of the government, said goodbye to the former colleagues. According to the presidential decree, the ministers continue to fulfill their duties before the formation of a new cabinet. Azarov handed over his powers to Arbuzov and wished the excerpt to the government. In the evening, the Parliament of Ukraine without discussion adopted a law on amnesty, which involves exemption from the responsibility of the participants in protest actions, with the exception of those who have committed particularly serious crimes. The law will take effect only after the protesters exempted the captured administrative buildings. However, the opposition does not intend to fulfill this condition.

31 January 2014

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, protests, starting in November 2013, were not spontaneous, but planned, including a powerful development. This is evidenced by the materials on the seized servers of the Batkivshchyna party. The Security Service of Ukraine has opened criminal proceedings on the fact of an attempt to seize state power. !!! From this day, the opposition has no other exit, rather than the complete elimination of the legitimate power in Kyiv. The leader of the "Batkivshchyna" brand knew what the servers were seized from their office.
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