Cry of Ukraine

29 January 2014

Today, the first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, chaired by the Acting Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov, was held. Before the start of the meeting, the head of the government, Nikolai Azarov, submitted on the head of the head of the government, said goodbye to the former colleagues. According to the presidential decree, the ministers continue to fulfill their duties before the formation of a new cabinet. Azarov handed over his powers to Arbuzov and wished the excerpt to the government. In the evening, the Parliament of Ukraine without discussion adopted a law on amnesty, which involves exemption from the responsibility of the participants in protest actions, with the exception of those who have committed particularly serious crimes. The law will take effect only after the protesters exempted the captured administrative buildings. However, the opposition does not intend to fulfill this condition.

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We demonstrate the following footage solely for the purpose of proving the presence of fascism and nationalism in Ukraine. Our project does not call for

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