Cry of Ukraine

Chronology of Euromaidan – February

1 February 2014

Leaders of Euromaidan Klitschko and Yatsenyuk took part in the Munich Conference, where they held a number of meetings with US Secretary of State John Kerry and European leaders. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the evening of January 31, Majdan's guard was captured by Major Militia, who was at the Maidan inequality in civilian clothes. He was beaten, took it to the building of the KGGA and selected the certificate. Later he was released and hospitalized with a closed brain injury, a concussion of the brain and a bruise of the kidney. A suspect in arson of cars was detained, which spoke about obtaining such a task from "people in masks" in the House of Trade Unions.

4 February 2014

Vitali Klitschko, leader of the UDAR faction, called on the Verkhovna Rada to vote for a return to the 2004 Constitution. This proposal was supported by the leader of the "Batkivshchyna" Arseniy Yatsenyuk. At the same time, as it became known, Yulia Tymoshenko handed over a letter in which she called on the Batkivshchyna faction to refuse to return to the 2004 constitution and prepare for the presidential elections. UDAR leader Vitaliy Klitschko, who met with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych after the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, said that the President proposed to carry out all constitutional changes upon returning to the 2004 Constitution in the legal field, which may take several months. Klitschko himself considers this approach unacceptable: “We have every reason to make a political and legal decision and vote for the Act of Return to the Constitution of 2004. And it can be done quickly."

6 February 2014

Several thousand demonstrators came to the building of the Verkhovna Rada, demanding that the deputies vote for a return to the 2004 Constitution, which provides for a parliamentary-presidential form of government. The radicals, who hid their faces under masks, were armed with bats, sapper shovels and shields. People's deputy of the Batkivshchyna faction, Maidan commandant Andriy Parubiy said that the action was a precautionary one: "Next time we will take other actions." As a result, the work of the Rada was interrupted for half an hour, after which the protesters began to return to Independence Square. On the fifth floor of the House of Trade Unions, which is occupied by the "Right Sector", there was an explosion in office No. 517. As a result of the explosion, one person's hand was torn off, and the other received third-degree burns to the eyes. The commandant of the House of Trade Unions, a deputy from the Batkivshchyna, Stepan Kubov, said that a package with the inscription “medicine”, transferred as humanitarian aid from outside, exploded. Representatives of Euromaidan did not let the Interior Ministry employees into the building to inspect the scene. According to another version, which was shared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the protesters organized a laboratory in this room to create explosive substances. During the manufacture of the Molotov cocktail, as a result of its ignition, an explosion thundered. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine opened a criminal case under the article "negligent storage of firearms or ammunition" in connection with the explosion.

7 February 2014

Acting Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko said that according to the latest information of his department, right-wing radicals are preparing a terrorist act in order to obscure the start day of the Winter Olympics in Sochi and draw attention to themselves. Zakharchenko warned that "law enforcement officers have enough opportunities to find them and prosecute them." The Batkivshchyna opposition party called V. Zakharchenko’s statements an attempt to intimidate the public and emphasized that it was Zakharchenko who “acts like terrorist No. 1”, being “the main extremist in the country”, since “it is the law enforcement agencies that carry out a large-scale campaign of terror against all citizens of Ukraine, who fight for their rights and freedoms and oppose the authorities.”

8 February 2014

In Kyiv, members of the online community "Kievites for a Clean City" tried to clean up Khreshchatyk and dismantle the barricades. The participants of the action greeted the present reporters of Channel 5 with shouts of “Channel 5 is lying!”, “Shame!” and the like. When trying to dismantle the barricades, Euromaidan activists came out to defend the fortifications - with pipe cuts, fittings, bats, clubs and chains. As a result, the activists of the Internet community were not allowed to come close to the Khreshchatyk barricade. !!! On February 15, members of the Kievans for a Clean City movement were severely beaten. Five people were hospitalized.

10 February 2014

The meeting of the working group of authorized representatives of the factions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the work on the agreed bill on amendments to the constitution had to be canceled due to the divergence of positions of the representatives of UDAR and Batkivshchyna. The proposals of the faction "Batkivshchyna" as a whole significantly expand the powers of the Verkhovna Rada, and the faction "UDAR" - the government. The UDAR faction, among other things, proposes to withdraw from the constitution the provision on the mandatory residence of a presidential candidate on the territory of Ukraine for ten years before the election day (!!! Klitschko is a citizen of Germany). The opposition also proposes to significantly simplify the procedure for the impeachment of the president. According to experts, the contradictions between the leaders of these factions, Yatsenyuk and Klitschko, aggravated after the Nuland Gate, during which it became clear that the United States was betting only on Yatsenyuk, not trusting Klitschko (The published recording of a telephone conversation between Nuland and the US ambassador in Kyiv). Dmitry Yarosh announced on his page in one of the social networks that the "Right Sector" intends to resume active operations and is not obliged to "extend the truce with the authorities." Yarosh called on the protesters to "prepare for a nationwide mobilization with the prospect of further blocking the government quarter."

13 February 2014

The leader of the UDAR party, Vitali Klitschko, said that the UDAR party would not be part of the coalition government. When asked how his party would react to the fact that "Svoboda" or "Fatherland" will be part of a coalition government with the Party of Regions, Klitschko said that "the right of every political force to participate in this or that government, but in a system of coordinates, created by the government, the UDAR party does not see itself.” !!! As we can see, America has a great influence on the Ukrainian opposition. The interception and publication of a telephone conversation by Victoria Nuland makes it clear that America plays the main initiative role in the Ukrainian coup, and that no one from the West wants to see Klitschko in the government. Here Klitschko stepped aside.

15 February 2014

By February 15, as part of an amnesty, all previously detained protesters were released under house arrest. There was a beating of members of the movement "Kyiv for a Clean City", organized by Ivan Protsenko, during the action at the barricades near the Kyiv City State Administration, the so-called "Maidan self-defense". Petards were thrown at the activists of the Kievans for a Clean City movement, and then a group of people in camouflage, armed with rubber and wooden clubs, sapper shovels, pistols, beat them and sprayed tear gas. The city department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs received 13 applications from the victims, five of them were hospitalized.

16 February 2014

In the morning, the “commandant” of the KSCA building seized by the protesters, Ruslan Andreyko, signed a document with the OSCE representative, Swiss Ambassador Christian Schonenberger, according to which the building is transferred under the control of the OSCE, after which the corresponding act was signed by the chairman of the KSCA Vladimir Makeenko. Makeenko said that the city authorities have no claims against the protesters regarding the damage caused to the building. Igor Zhdanov, a member of the Maidan VO Council, announced that the barricades at the corner of Khreshchatyk and Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street would not be dismantled: “We remain on the barricades. Here remains our checkpoint, our tents. We're not going anywhere. But the building itself will function as usual.” In the afternoon, armed people in camouflage (about 150 people), who called themselves "warriors of Narnia", "Vikings" and the like, again entered the building of the Kyiv City State Administration, and began to rob the offices of the Administration. The emergency number 102 was reported to the police, but when the three policemen arrived at the building, they were not allowed inside by representatives of the so-called “commandant's office”. The policemen were quickly surrounded by a crowd in masks, helmets and with sticks in their hands, when the policemen began to leave, the crowd began to beat them.

18 February 2014

The situation has escalated. Clashes between protesters and police resumed, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people. According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, from February 18 to February 21, 77 people died in Kyiv, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 16 policemen died, 363 people were hospitalized. The radicals burned cars and buses, broke into administrative buildings, burned tires, and threw stones and Molotov cocktails at policemen. Also, the demonstrators burned 2 armored personnel carriers. The militants of the "Right Sector" seized the building of the headquarters of the Party of Regions in Kyiv. Two men were brutally murdered. One was closed in the basement, a Molotov cocktail was thrown there, and he died from suffocation and burns. Another was smashed in the head and thrown down a flight of stairs. The women in the building were stripped to a half-naked state, painted on their backs with their symbols and slogans, and driven out into the street in this form. Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the Party of Regions D. Svyatash was severely beaten.

19 February 2014

A number of buildings in the center of Kyiv were burned and destroyed (among them a number of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Central House of Officers, the House of Trade Unions). The extremists seized the buildings of the conservatory (the headquarters of the "European revolution" is set up there), the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine and the capital's Main Post Office, the hotel "Ukraine".

Fiery barricades were burning all night on the Maidan, the howl of ambulance sirens did not subside. The number of victims is growing. The victims are both from the side of the police, and from the side of the radicals.

The House of Trade Unions, which housed the headquarters of the Ukrainian opposition, caught fire during clashes between protesters and law enforcement forces on Wednesday night.
As noted in the message of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the cause of the fire could be the attempts of radicals from the nationalist organization "Right Sector" to hide the traces of their activities in it.

!!! Of one thing we can be sure, terrible things were happening in the house of trade unions, the traces of which the opposition really wanted to hide. It was decided to burn this building on the night of February 20, exactly at the time when Berkut went on the offensive.

20 February 2014

On this day, the Maidan sniper shot people in the center of Kyiv, presumably from the Ukraine Hotel, and perhaps, even most likely, there was more than one sniper. But they shot people from both sides, both the protesters and the Berkutovites. Definitely needed a scandal. A whole section on our website is devoted to this topic: The case of snipers

Berkut fighters made another attempt to push the demonstrators back from Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv. This happened after four policemen were injured. The radicals are aiming at the special forces with firearms from the windows of the captured conservatory.

21 February 2014

After negotiations between President Yanukovych and representatives of the opposition, through the mediation of representatives of the European Union and Russia, the Agreement "On the Settlement of the Political Crisis in Ukraine" was signed. The agreement was signed by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders Vitali Klitschko (UDAR party), Arseniy Yatsenyuk (VO "Batkivshchyna") and Oleg Tyagnibok (VO "Svoboda"). The signing was witnessed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Poland - Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Radoslaw Sikorski and the head of the Department of Continental Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the French Republic Eric Fournier (fr. ?ric Fournier). Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Lukin, who participated in the negotiations, refused to put his signature on the agreement. The agreement provided for a return to the 2004 constitution, that is, to a parliamentary-presidential form of government, early presidential elections by the end of 2014, and the formation of a "government of national confidence." It also provided for the withdrawal of law enforcement forces from the center of Kyiv, the cessation of violence and the surrender of weapons by the opposition. The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on the release of all those detained during protests. Units of "Berkut" and internal troops left the center of Kyiv. On February 21, when the terms of the signed Agreement were publicly announced by the leaders of the parliamentary opposition, representatives of the Right Sector stated that they were not satisfied with the gradual political reforms stipulated in the document, and demanded the immediate resignation of President Yanukovych - otherwise they intended to storm the presidential administration and Verkhovna Rada. Dmitry Yarosh stated that the Agreement does not contain clear obligations regarding the resignation of the president, the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada, the punishment of the heads of law enforcement agencies and the executors of "criminal orders, as a result of which about a hundred Ukrainian citizens were killed", he called the Agreement "another blurry eye" and refused it fulfill. On the night of February 22, Euromaidan activists seized the government quarter, abandoned by law enforcement officers, and put forward a number of new demands - in particular, they demanded the immediate resignation of President Yanukovych. In particular, it was said that the 7th hundred of the Maidan stands in the Verkhovna Rada, near the latter there is a subdivision of the Right Sector, the nineteenth and third hundred guard the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers, the 15th hundred “guarded” the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The police were asked to put on a yellow-blue ribbon and go on patrol together with the Maidan Self-Defense. It was also stated that all actions on the Maidan must be coordinated with the Military Headquarters in the Kyiv City State Administration. In addition, Parubiy said that "Maidan today completely controls Kyiv." The night in Kyiv, despite the mourning and the signed agreement with the authorities, was not calm. Shots were heard, and Maidan self-defense fighters broke into the buildings of the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration. Yanukovych complied with the terms of the February 21 agreement, removed the police that protected the Rada and the presidential administration, and the opposition did not fulfill its part of the agreement, deceiving him and freely seizing the entire government quarter in Kyiv. Yanukovych suddenly left the capital. According to the official version, he went to Kharkov to participate in the Kharkov Congress of Deputies of the South-East. Yanukovych later explained his disappearance by an attack on his motorcade. Later he gave a press conference in Rostov-on-Don.
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