Cry of Ukraine

6 February 2014

Several thousand demonstrators came to the building of the Verkhovna Rada, demanding that the deputies vote for a return to the 2004 Constitution, which provides for a parliamentary-presidential form of government. The radicals, who hid their faces under masks, were armed with bats, sapper shovels and shields. People’s deputy of the Batkivshchyna faction, Maidan commandant Andriy Parubiy said that the action was a precautionary one: “Next time we will take other actions.” As a result, the work of the Rada was interrupted for half an hour, after which the protesters began to return to Independence Square. On the fifth floor of the House of Trade Unions, which is occupied by the “Right Sector”, there was an explosion in office No. 517. As a result of the explosion, one person’s hand was torn off, and the other received third-degree burns to the eyes. The commandant of the House of Trade Unions, a deputy from the Batkivshchyna, Stepan Kubov, said that a package with the inscription “medicine”, transferred as humanitarian aid from outside, exploded. Representatives of Euromaidan did not let the Interior Ministry employees into the building to inspect the scene. According to another version, which was shared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the protesters organized a laboratory in this room to create explosive substances. During the manufacture of the Molotov cocktail, as a result of its ignition, an explosion thundered. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine opened a criminal case under the article “negligent storage of firearms or ammunition” in connection with the explosion.

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We demonstrate the following footage solely for the purpose of proving the presence of fascism and nationalism in Ukraine. Our project does not call for

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