Cry of Ukraine

19 February 2014

A number of buildings in the center of Kyiv were burned and destroyed (among them a number of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Central House of Officers, the House of Trade Unions). The extremists seized the buildings of the conservatory (the headquarters of the “European revolution” is set up there), the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine and the capital’s Main Post Office, the hotel “Ukraine”.

Fiery barricades were burning all night on the Maidan, the howl of ambulance sirens did not subside. The number of victims is growing. The victims are both from the side of the police, and from the side of the radicals.

The House of Trade Unions, which housed the headquarters of the Ukrainian opposition, caught fire during clashes between protesters and law enforcement forces on Wednesday night.
As noted in the message of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the cause of the fire could be the attempts of radicals from the nationalist organization “Right Sector” to hide the traces of their activities in it.

!!! Of one thing we can be sure, terrible things were happening in the house of trade unions, the traces of which the opposition really wanted to hide. It was decided to burn this building on the night of February 20, exactly at the time when Berkut went on the offensive.

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