Cry of Ukraine

25 January 2014


Activities of the radical movement “General case” captured the building of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. A detachment of 300 militants was attempted to capture a strategic facility – the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine. Energy Minister Edward Stavitskyi came to the invaders and convinced them to leave the strategic object. The military personnel of the internal troops, located in the Ukrainian house, which was previously not engaged in protesters, were kept in it, they were found in the protesters. During the beginning of the assault, a number of armored glasses of the transparent facade of the building and the protesters began to throw tires with a fiery mixture with a spicy mixture. The servicemen tried to reflect the assault, throwing light grenades and watering the attackers with water from the hoses, but the lack of effective means of protection and the multiple numerical advantage of the attackers reduced their attempt to defend the building. They were invited to reach through the generated corridor. After negotiations with Vitaly Klitschko, law enforcement officers left the building through the side entrance. The next day, the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement that during the confrontation in police officers, except for stones and bottles with an incendiary mixture, rushed a fighting grenade of RSD-5, from which the check was not survived


During the negotiations with the opposition leaders, Viktor Yanukovych proposed the leader of the Batkivshchyna faction to Arsenia Yatsenyuk, the post of Prime Minister, and the leader of the strike party Vitaly Klitschko – Deputy Prime Minister for Humanitarian Affairs. “In the case of the consent of the Arseny Yatsenyuk, to take the post of Prime Minister to the president will be decided on the resignation of the government,” the Minister of Justice said Elena Lukash. Yatsenyuk stated that the opposition is ready to take responsibility for the country and lead it to the European Union. Klitschko at the rally Euromaidan announced that the opposition demands early presidential elections this year. The leader of the faction in “Freedom” Oleg Taignibok believes that President Yanukovych began to make concessions due to the activity of the regions. So far, however, the opposition refused the proposals of the authorities, considering them insufficient.

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We demonstrate the following footage solely for the purpose of proving the presence of fascism and nationalism in Ukraine. Our project does not call for

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