Cry of Ukraine

19 January 2014

In Kiev, about 100 thousand protesters, indignant laws, accepted by the proviscial majority of the Verkhovna Rada, were gathered in Kyiv, in violation of all regulations, without discussion in the committees. The opposition announced the transformation of Ukraine into a police state, an attempt to establish an authoritarian dictatorship, infringement of citizens’ rights to adopted laws, the need to create a “national government” and holding early presidential elections. The action turned into confrontation with the police.

Stroke riots

The collisions began after the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs refused to miss the protesters to the building of the Verkhovna Rada. Protesters intended to block parliament so that the deputies canceled the laws adopted on January 16. During the confrontation, activists set fire to several buses “Dynamo”, and the fighters themselves scored with Petardians and Molotov’s cocktails, and stones went into the course. Police applied special safety: light grenades, tear gas. To extinguish the adjustable activists of the vehicles, waterways were used. The one hundred people were injured on both sides. The victims were diagnosed with closed cranopy and brain injuries, fractures, bruises and poisoning by unknown substances. The confrontation continued on January 20.

Other Events

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