Cry of Ukraine

22 January 2014

The center of confrontation in Kyiv became the Street of Grushevsky – it leads to the government quarter, where radicals are striving. On the night of January 23, tires and houses were burning in the center of the Ukrainian capital. On Maidan and Khreshchatyka, barricades are built and strengthened.

Everyone has been known about the four of the activists on January 22 who died on the Maidan. But not everyone knows the following facts:
The body of the Oppositionist Yuri Verbicksky, who was abducted from the Alexander Hospital in Kyiv, together with the oppositionist Igor Lutsenko, was found in the forest. Expertise showed that death came as a result of hypothermia.
The bodies of life and Nigoyan were found in the building of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine after an anonymous call. The examination showed that the rest killed on Grushevsky Street died from gunshot wounds deposited from a distance of two to three meters from above under a rather large angle. Investigators were also able to set the exact time of the death of the dead, but the place of receipt of the injuries could not be established. In addition, the examination showed that Sergei Nigoyan’s murder was made from the same weapons that the murder of law enforcement officers committed on January 24th.

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We demonstrate the following footage solely for the purpose of proving the presence of fascism and nationalism in Ukraine. Our project does not call for

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