Cry of Ukraine

21 March 2014

What will happen to the deposits of Crimeans in Ukrainian banks?
The Crimean authorities are negotiating with the owners of banks.
“Ukrainian banks guarantee the savings of deposits. The Bank of Crimea, for its part, will take all measures to prevent the loss of deposits,” said Nikolai Barilyuk, Chairman of the Bank of Crimea. Currently, a mechanism is being developed to return deposits to depositors of those Ukrainian banks that do not wish to license their activities in accordance with Russian legislation and leave the Crimean market.

9 combined-cycle power plants are being built in Crimea.
On the territory of the peninsula, the construction of 9 power plants has begun, thanks to which the threat of power outages will be minimized
This was told by the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev.

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