Cry of Ukraine

17 March 2014


Speaker of the Supreme Council and Prime Minister of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov and Sergei Aksenov from the stage of a rally-concert in the center of Simferopol congratulated the Crimeans on the decision of the referendum on reunification with Russia.

“The commission is completing its work, but it is already obvious to everyone that we have done it!” Konstantinov said. “We won!” he continued. “It was we, the Crimeans, who turned the whole world upside down in these two weeks and said that we would return home to Russia!”


And since April, the ruble will become the main monetary unit of the Republic. But the circulation of the hryvnia on the territory of Crimea will not be limited for the holiday season.

Today, the Russian Federation provided financial assistance to the Republic of Crimea in the amount of 15 billion rubles.

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