Cry of Ukraine

28 May 2014

The security forces shell hit the roof of the school

As a result of the shelling of the sleeping area of ​​Artyom, one of the shells pierced the roof of the school’s assembly hall. Children and teachers who were in the building were not injured, as they took refuge in the basement, converted into a kind of bomb shelter. As a result of the shelling of the same area on May 27, four people were killed.

As a result of a shell hitting the building, the roof was pierced and the assembly hall was damaged. In addition, another nearby school suffered from shelling – glass was broken by fragments in it. No one was hurt in it either. 4 mines exploded in the shelled area. Nine people were injured as a result. In particular, the car in which there were a young man with his mother burned down. They were taken to the hospital with burns.

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We demonstrate the following footage solely for the purpose of proving the presence of fascism and nationalism in Ukraine. Our project does not call for

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