Cry of Ukraine

30 April 2014

Supporters of federalization in Luhansk took control of the regional state television and radio company (LOT). On the same day, about fifteen people blocked the checkpoint of the Lugansk regiment of the National Guard for four hours. According to the National Guard of Ukraine, the armed men demanded that the military surrender their weapons. As a result of the negotiations, the people blocking the military retreated.

Other Events

7 April 2014

In Lugansk, supporters of federalization managed to take control of the building of the regional department of the Security Service of Ukraine. On the same day,

9 April 2014

ABOUT A THOUSAND PEOPLE HOLD THE BUILDING OF THE SBU IN LUHANSK In Lugansk, where about a thousand people are blocking the building of the

10 April 2014

The deputies of the Luhansk Regional Council issued a statement demanding that the central authorities of Ukraine cancel the “anti-terrorist operation” against the protesting local

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