Cry of Ukraine

29 April 2014

More than three thousand supporters of federalization gathered near the building of the Security Council of Ukraine in Lugansk, waiting for Kyiv’s response to the protesters’ ultimatum. There was no response from Kyiv, after which the activists took control of the building of the regional administration, the regional prosecutor’s office and the regional Luhansk Ministry of Internal Affairs without the use of weapons. Law enforcement officers who were guarding the building of the regional administration went over to the side of the protesters and put on St. George ribbons. It is reported by UNIAN. People are closing the doors of the RSA from the inside, they are going to barricade themselves. It is noted that the flags of Russia and the “Luhansk People’s Republic” are installed on the building. Doors and windows on the ground floor of the building have been smashed out, and there are protesters inside and on the roof of the building. The police chief of the Lugansk region wrote a resignation letter, which he handed over to the protesters, gathered near the building of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports UNN on Tuesday. A source: Ria Novosti A paratrooper was killed in Lugansk for refusing to shoot at his compatriots. “The prosecutor’s office of Ukraine gave the conclusion that Andriy Kiselyov “shot himself in no time.” The prosecutor’s cynics did not know that a few seconds before his death, the guy called his mother and managed to shout: “Mom! They are killing me!” Then shots rang out and the connection was cut off … It lasted only 4 seconds … “

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