Cry of Ukraine

29 May 2014


Ukrainian Air Force fighter jets fly in the sky over Kramatorsk (Donetsk region). In this regard, hospitals received an order to evacuate people from the upper floors. A similar warning, according to him, was received by the city maternity hospital.
In addition, many institutions in the city finish their work earlier than usual, since there is a possibility of active actions by the Ukrainian security forces, the militia added.

Other Events

12 April 2014

Representatives of the “People’s Militia of Donbass” on the evening of April 12 occupied the building of the Kramatorsk city department of the GUMVD (Main

15 April 2014

Protesters in Ukraine  vacated the building of the  Kramatorsk police department, local Radio Vesti reported. A fighter jet was shot down in Kramatorsk, eyewitnesses reported, adding that

16 April 2014

Ukrainian military equipment entered Kramatorsk, several BMD vehicles, along with their crews, went over to the side of the militias, driving through the city with

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