Cry of Ukraine

14 April 2014

Pro-federalization protesters in Gorlovka, Donetsk region, occupied the building of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs and appointed a new chief of the local police. One of the self-defense activists, who spoke to the protesters, said that the battalion of the city patrol service (PPS) had gone over to the side of the protesters.


On the same day in Gorlovka, protesters occupied the building of the city council and the Center for Administrative Services.

Other Events

2 April 2014

Many residents of the Donetsk region still do not recognize the governor appointed by Kyiv, the oligarch Taruta. On April 2, he was booed in Gorlovka,

4 April 2014

The authorities of Donetsk Gorlovka tried to demolish the so-called people’s checkpoint. This is a barricade that the locals built at the entrance to the city. Activists

16 April 2014

On the night of April 16, five unidentified men in masks  broke into the department of civil protection  of the population of Gorlovka, presumably in search of

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