Cry of Ukraine

Chronology of events in Gorlovka

2 April 2014

Many residents of the Donetsk region still do not recognize the governor appointed by Kyiv, the oligarch Taruta. On April 2, he was booed in Gorlovka, the largest industrial center of the region, where he came on a working visit. At the building of the local city council, the protesters greeted the official with shouts of “Shame!” and posters “Taruta is a traitor to the people of Donbass”.

4 April 2014

The authorities of Donetsk Gorlovka tried to demolish the so-called people's checkpoint. This is a barricade that the locals built at the entrance to the city. Activists have planted a Russian flag over the fence and are demanding a referendum similar to the Crimean one.

14 April 2014

Pro-federalization protesters in Gorlovka, Donetsk region, occupied the building of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs and appointed a new chief of the local police. One of the self-defense activists, who spoke to the protesters, said that the battalion of the city patrol service (PPS) had gone over to the side of the protesters.


On the same day in Gorlovka, protesters occupied the building of the city council and the Center for Administrative Services.

16 April 2014

On the night of April 16, five unidentified men in masks  broke into the department of civil protection  of the population of Gorlovka, presumably in search of weapons.

18 April 2014

Under unclear circumstances, the "people's mayor" of Gorlovka and two of his closest associates disappeared.

30 April 2014

Several armed supporters of federalization took control of the city council and the central city police department in Gorlovka.

Self-defense activists began building barricades at the entrance to the Gorlovka city executive committee.

3 May 2014

Supporters of federalization occupied the building of the department for combating organized crime in the city of Gorlovka, Donetsk region.

23 May 2014

Last night, the people's militia  repelled an attack by Kiev militants  on a checkpoint near the settlement of Gorlovka.

During the clash, which lasted about three hours, more than 10 militants were killed. There are also losses from the self-defense side, but their exact number is currently unknown. In addition, the militias were able to capture several of the attackers.

14 June 2014


Militias of the proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) managed to shoot down a Su-24 front-line bomber of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the city of Gorlovka on Saturday. “Two Su-24s attacked the building of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Gorlovka with cluster bombs. One of the planes was shot down from MANPADS,” the source said. He added that the plane crashed outside the city, the pilot managed to eject. Search groups of militias moved into the area of ​​​​its alleged location.
As a result of the shelling of the building of the Internal Affairs Directorate, where the headquarters of the militia is located, one person was killed, five were injured. One of the victims is in serious condition.
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