Cry of Ukraine

9 December 2013

In the morning, about 300 protesters came to the building of the General Attorney’s Office and more than 50 of them organized lying strike in front of the building.
On the 7th of December Berkut managed to break through Special Forces building in Vasilkovo earlier locked by the activists and went to Kiev.
By the evening, special forces officers forced the protesters back to the Luteranskaya street, Shelkovishnaya St. In the Kresotnoy lane, near to Minister Cabinet office they emptied Luteranskaya and Kruglouniversitetskaya streets. At night police demolished protesters tents in the Grushovskogo street and Krepostnaya lane (Don oficerov), releasing from street protesters Bogomoltsev Street.
“Fatherland” party office has been visited by armed SBU officers who confiscated servers and searched the office.
!!!Next Activity U.S. and the European Union politicians after security forces attemts to drive back the protesters and demolition of the tent camp, as well as a search in “Fatherland” party office of Arseni Yatsenyuk causes vigilance. But it’s up to you to judge …
Six members of the European Parliament (People’s Party group) claimed European politicians immediately oppose possible violent dispersal of the Maidan protesters. Vice President of the European Commission Catherine Ashton arrived to Kiev. She held talks with Viktor Yanukovych, making clear EU position on resolving all issues peacefully. U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland also arrived to Maidan Square. The next day there was an appointed roundtable between the government and the opposition. Supposing peaceful solution and also because of 9 degrees of frost outside, most of protesters left the Square and went home to have rest. At night there were only about 1 thousand people on the Maidan Square. Another 1,5-2 thousand of people moved to different building in the centre of Kiev.

Other Events

21 November 2013

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22 November 2013

Police according to the decision of the court tried to stop activists to establish tents, so the first collision happened.

24 November 2013

In Kiev was held the crowded procession and rally on Independence Square. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine protesters were more than

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