Cry of Ukraine

4 December 2013

Vigil of President’s Administration and Minister’s Cabinet continues. Euromaidan’s “Leaders”demand Government’s resignations and early elections for president and Verkhovna Rada. Parliament’s tribune is blocked.
By December 4 KSCA officials accept protester’s demands and leave the first floor. Mayor’s officials move to the upper floors. Capital’s administration works in regular mode.
Activists who were sentenced to two months in prison for participation in the riots on Bankova street, being transported from hospital to jail. They face from 5 to 8 years in prison. Meanwhile protesters on Maidan Square demand release them the 1st of December.

The leader of “Freedom” party Oleg Tyagnibok called protesters to picket “Berkut” fighter’s apartments . Self-organized group of people appeared, armed by homemade shields to repulse a possible attack of Berkut fighters.
In Mariinsky park (near Verkhovna Rada) located tent camp of government’s supporters. Activists with the flags of the Party of Regions listen to music and people’s deputies’ speeches from the stage at the Constitution Square.

Other Events

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