Cry of Ukraine

27 January 2014

Attempts to seize the building of the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration, undertaken by activists of the Right Sector after the end of the authorized rally on January 26 and another attempt on January 27, were unsuccessful.

Other Events

24 February 2014

Maidan activists expelled the governor of the region from the meeting room, demanding his resignation.

24 March 2014

In Zaporozhye, several dozen militants of the so-called Maidan self-defense, armed with sticks, stones and rebar, attacked participants in the “Melitopol-Zaporozhye friendship rally”. People were beaten,

16 April 2014

In Zaporozhye, more than 1,500 Right Sector militants  kept under siege  about 200 supporters of the federalization of Ukraine for five hours. This was announced by the candidate

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