Cry of Ukraine

5 May 2014


Odessa says goodbye to those who died during the riots on May 2. Kulikovo Pole Square, where on that day Right Sector militants set fire to the regional House of Trade Unions, is strewn with flowers. For the third day, the townspeople bring memorial candles, lamps and icons to the building. Meanwhile, the radicals are creating a territorial defense battalion in Odessa.

Other Events

16 December 2013

A rally against Euromaidan and for the Customs Union was held on Cathedral Square in Odessa.

27 January 2014

The leader of the Youth Unity organization, Anton Davidchenko, announced the beginning of the formation of the People’s Druzhina detachments to protect the city from

24 February 2014

Thousands of people gathered on Kulikovo Pole Square in Odessa to oppose the Euromaidan movement. The demonstrators who organized the “anti-Maidan” camp waved Russian and Odessa

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