Cry of Ukraine

8 March 2014

More than 65 thousand people gathered in the center of Moscow on Vasilyevsky Spusk for a rally-concert We are together! in support of the inhabitants of the Crimea. Crimea has its own army”: the first company of volunteers took an oath of allegiance to the people of the republic.

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22 February 2014

On February 22, checkpoints began to operate at the exits from Sevastopol, organized by volunteers from local public formations, the police and the traffic police. In

23 February 2014

SEVASTOPOL TOOK POWER INTO ITS OWN HANDS! At the rally of “Narodnaya Volya”, which was attended by more than 30,000 people (Sevastopol does not remember

24 February 2014

Guided by the opinion of the townspeople expressed at the rally, the head of the Sevastopol city administration, Vladimir Yatsuba, announced his resignation on February

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