Cry of Ukraine

1 February 2014

In Crimea, they continue to hang “Black Labels” on the doors of Euromaidan activists. This time, three “lucky ones” fell under the distribution: personal appeals to stop harming the country were received by human rights activist Alexandra Dvoretskaya, lawyer Olga Anoshkina and journalist Svetlana Ereshchenko. Recall that on the eve of similar leaflets received the coordinator of the “Euromaidan-Crimea” Andrey Shchekun. Alexandra Dvoretskaya said that last night she found about a dozen leaflets in her house: not only on her door, but also at the entrance to the entrance, as well as on the bulletin board. “Your neighbor Alexandra Dvoretskaya is a traitor to Crimea, she supports the criminal Maidan. She is responsible for the blood and lives of the killed people. She receives money from a public organization funded by the American special services. She was trained in extremism in the USA,”

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