Cry of Ukraine

15 May 2014


Three more are wounded.
In one of the  shot cars  was a family that was returning home and driving along a country road. The security forces did not let people get out of the car and shot them point blank. As a result, a woman died, she had two gunshot wounds to the head.
In addition, two more cars were shot – a minibus and a passenger car, in which local residents were returning from fishing. Two young men were killed in the minibus. The passenger car was completely riddled with shots from small arms and large-caliber weapons, two people were wounded in it.

After the attack, the security forces drove up to the minibus in two military off-road vehicles and, together with the bodies of the dead, drove it to the location of their unit. The wounded managed to escape, they were hidden by local residents. Soldiers of the National Guard spent several hours looking for them in nearby settlements, breaking into residential buildings.

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