Cry of Ukraine

Murder in Donetsk of the operator of the First Channel

Anatoly Klyan died on the night of Monday June 30 from a gunshot wound to the stomach. The incident took place near the military unit, where the film crew came to make a report. The military opened fire, and Klyan was mortally wounded in the stomach. The bus driver was also wounded as a result of the shelling. Despite the injury, he was able to bring the bus to the building of the regional state administration.

The journalists rode in a bus together with the mothers of conscript soldiers, who intended to get their sons back home. “Those who fired were not going to see it or hear the calls of their mothers. They just shot at a moving car that did not pose any threat,” Vladimir Makovich, speaker of the DPR Supreme Council, said.

Anatoly Klyan was awarded the Order of Courage posthumously.

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Murder of VGTRK journalists near Lugansk

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