Cry of Ukraine

23 April 2014

In Cherkassk (Dnepropetrovsk region), Ukrainian reservists, mobilized by the new Kiev regime under the threat of criminal prosecution into the 93rd separate motorized brigade to participate in the suppression of protests by residents of the South-East of the country, staged a riot. They expressed dissatisfaction with the conditions of detention in the tent camp, as well as the fact that their families were left without a livelihood. Many of the reservists after the “mobilization” were fired from their jobs, and the state does not provide any assistance to their wives and children. Initially, the collection period was supposed to be 10 days, but people have been kept in the camp for more than a month. In addition, many of them are not satisfied with the prospect of fighting with their own people.
Source:  White Paper of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (2nd edition)



The extremist organization “Right Sector”  moved its headquarters  from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk. This was stated today by the group’s leader and presidential candidate Dmitry Yarosh, who was put on the international wanted list by Russian law enforcement agencies.

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