Cry of Ukraine

16 March 2014

Recall that Konstantinovka is now under the full control of Kiev.
“Today in Konstantinovka there was a traffic accident involving BMD under the control of servicemen,” the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said in a statement. “Three pedestrians were injured under the wheels of the landing combat vehicle: a girl, 8 years old,  died  on the spot, a woman and a child in a wheelchair were taken to hospital.” Later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine will declare that the Ukrainian security officers driving the landing combat vehicle were drunk.

Other Events

17 March 2014

Local residents staged a protest after a Ukrainian security forces shot down a child. According to the TV channel  “112 Ukraine”, people set fire to tires

28 April 2014

Proponents of federalization, who took control of the building of the City Council, the police department and the prosecutor’s office of the Ukrainian city of

3 May 2014

Ukrainian units launched a forceful operation in Konstantinovka, Donetsk region, and  APCs passed through militia  checkpoints.

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