Cry of Ukraine

Oleg Tyagnibok

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Who is Oleg Tyagnibok?

The life of that figure is hard, whose political views keep up with the times, or rather, completely depend on those who order a banquet today, at first Oleg is a communist, but after the collapse of the USSR it became more profitable to be a social-nationalist, how much depends on today’s sponsors, alone the owners want him to fight for the Russian language, a little later against, in other words, “whoever has dinner with a girl, he dances with her.”

However, nothing is alien to the patriots from the Svoboda party. Even demand kickbacks from multinational companies. And this is confirmed by the recent scandal with shale gas production in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Lvov regions…

What is the Svodoba party?

Excerpts from the program of VO “SVOBODA”:

Section I:
“7. Set the column “nationality” in the passport and birth certificate.
“8. Introduce criminal liability for any manifestations of Ukrainophobia.”

Section IV:
“1. Adopt a new Law on Citizenship, according to which citizenship will be granted only to those persons who were born in Ukraine or are ethnic Ukrainians who have returned from abroad to permanently reside and work in Ukraine. Allow persons born in Ukraine to foreigners or stateless persons, acquire citizenship after reaching full age only on condition of fluency in the Ukrainian language, knowledge of Ukrainian history and the content of the Constitution of Ukraine.
“5. Confiscate property and capital acquired in Ukraine from violators of the Law on Citizenship in favor of the state.”

Section V:
“2. Regulate the use of the Ukrainian language in the media according to the number of Ukrainians – no less than 78% of their area and airtime.”
“17. Remove Soviet propaganda literature from the funds of children’s and youth and public libraries.”

Section VI:
“7. Eliminate and prohibit the use of imperial-Bolshevik symbols mocking Ukrainians, marking dates, monuments and names in honor of the executioners of Ukraine. Prohibit the installation on the territory of Ukraine of any imperial monuments and symbols that glorify the history of the occupying states.”

Section VII:
“1. Define European Ukrainian-centrism as the strategic course of the State, according to which Ukraine seeks to become not only a geographical, but also a geopolitical center of Europe.”

Source: Official website “VO SVOBODA