Cry of Ukraine

Arsen Avakov

About the sensational land scandal, about Avakov’s business interests in the Kharkiv region and the ups and downs of his political career, about the endless lies and endless betrayals, about the forgery of documents and falsification of facts, about the connoisseur of Rome and the lover of science fiction offered video stories. Mr. Avakov does not disdain either the plots of old people – summer residents, or church premises, or the priest’s housing – everything will be useful for production needs. Also, a few words from fellow countrymen about the restless youth of Arsen Avakov “under the wing of his father” and the hobbies of the group of brave youngsters he gathered.

It turns out that not a single year ago Mr. Avakov began to practice his skills in the field of discrediting the legitimate activities of law enforcement agencies and briskly tore off the epaulettes of the defender of law and order.

Exhaustive descriptions and reviews about the person of Mr. Avakov by his “grateful” colleagues, fellow party members, associates and ordinary residents of Chuguev and Kharkiv region are given.

Source: Maidan without makeup