Cry of Ukraine

Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a Ukrainian politician from the Batkivshchyna party. He took an active part in the Euromaidan 2014 in the year.

What does Arseny not like to talk about?

Arseniy Yatsenyuk reacts very painfully to the topic of his nationality. Why does Yatsenyuk simply desperately insist that he is a third-generation Ukrainian, if the parental tribe closest to him is clearly of Jewish nationality. Moreover, Yatsenyuk’s mother, whose maiden name is Bakai, belongs to an ancient Jewish family, which is known to the world thanks to the most authoritative interpreter of the Talmud, Rabbi Bakai.

Below are quotes from Yatsenyuk’s progenitor, Rabbi Bakai, who frankly explains to the Jews how they should live, how to act towards the “goyim” (non-Jews) and what to be guided by in this:

“Just as one can kill a wild beast with a clear conscience and take possession of its forest, one can also kill or drive out a goy and take possession of his property. The property of a non-Jew is like an abandoned thing, its real owner is a Jew, who will be the first to seize it. (Baba Bathra, folio 54, b; Choschen Michpot, 156, 1)

“A Jew is allowed to seize, at will, the property of a goy, for where it is written: “do not harm your neighbor,” it does not say: “do not harm a goy.” (Traite Sanhedrin, folio 57, a)

And in order not to get dirty from the “wicked”, real Jews should marry only real daughters of Israel. And in this respect, Yatsenyuk’s choice is simply flawless. As the press dubbed the wife of Arseny Petrovich, Teresia Gur, the “Hasidic princess”, since she, to match her husband, also represents the ancient Jewish family.

Source: folk truth