Cry of Ukraine

6 December 2014

Today, hundreds of people have gathered in the center of Vinnitsa, demanding the resignation of the governor. They broke through the police cordon and burst into the governor’s office. But he was not in the building. As a result, the protesters installed a garbage can in the office and sent an appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko demanding to immediately dismiss the head of the region. During the assault, the protesters threw stones at the police and sprayed tear gas. Eight policemen and six protesters were injured. The riots continued on the 7th.

Other Events

25 January 2014

PROTESTERS SEIZED THE BUILDINGS OF THE REGIONAL STATE ADMINISTRATIONS IN VINNITSA. Residents of the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsa in the west of the country seized

19 March 2014

In the Vinnitsa region, about 300 armed men, led by Right Sector activists, seized the distillery of the Nemiroff company.

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