Cry of Ukraine

6 May 2014

After liberation in Slovyansk, groups of Western military observers fired on them by the Ukrainian military.

After a group of Western military observers was liberated in Slovyansk, on the road leading to Donetsk, the group was fired upon by servicemen of units controlled by Kyiv. Czech army lieutenant colonel Josef Prsherovski, who was one of the observers, said: “We left Sloviansk in the direction of Donetsk. We passed the first line of Ukrainian units, consisting of several armored personnel carriers, moved to Kramatorsk, where we stumbled upon other posts of the Ukrainian army that refused to let us through. they started shooting at us and at that moment we had a very hard time.Then we managed to get through to Kyiv, but nothing changed.In the end, we had to go around Kramatorsk on the virgin lands, which was very dangerous.The most unpleasant thing was that we were stopped by the Ukrainian army who was supposed to help us.”

According to him, he did not see “any regular units of the Russian army” in Slavyansk.
“We were not subjected to physical violence, we were not starved, but from a psychological point of view, it was hard, because there were fights in the vicinity of Slavyansk,” the lieutenant colonel said.

Slavyansk and Kramatorsk without medicines

In the cities of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, there is an urgent need for medicines and medical supplies to help the wounded, David-Pierre Marquet, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for Europe and Central Asia, said.

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