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15 March 2014

Day of Silence in Crimea 

Simferopol, 15 March. Kryminform.Saturday, March 15, has been declared the so-called “day of silence” in Crimea before the upcoming referendum on Sunday. Despite the absence of a formal ban on campaigning a day before the start of the expression of will, accepted in world practice, political parties, public organizations and the mass media of Crimea take the world standard for granted and comply with its provisions. March 15 in the Crimean media will not campaign “for” or “against” joining Russia. The Crimean authorities intend to monitor compliance with this “gentleman’s agreement.” Also unacceptable are calls to vote for one or another answer in the referendum and from numerous concert venues that will be organized on Saturday and Sunday in all cities of Crimea, where pop stars will perform. At the same time, the expression of civil position by the audience is not prohibited. At the same time, campaigning for an increase in voter turnout is not only allowed, but also welcomed – Crimea is interested in obtaining objective results from the expression of the will of as many citizens as possible.

On the day of the referendum in Sevastopol, rescuers and self-defense will be on duty at the polling stations

In order for the referendum in Sevastopol to be as safe as possible, security measures are already being strengthened: for example, police officers and self-defense units will be guarded.

“Mission of international observers began work in Crimea”

The mission consists of 30 people, including deputies of the European Parliament and members of the national parliaments of European countries. On the eve of the referendum in Crimea, a mission of international observers began its work. This was announced by the mission coordinator, director of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis Mateusz Piskorski, ITAR-TASS writes.

Self-defense forces prevented sabotage on the gas pipeline at the Arabat Spit – Prime Minister of Crimea

Simferopol, March 15. Kryminform. The Crimean Self-Defense Forces prevented an attempt to damage the gas pipeline at the Arabat Spit in Crimea by a group of people who introduced themselves as employees of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine. This was announced by the Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov.

“Russia blocked the UN Security Council resolution against the referendum in Crimea”

The document called on all countries not to recognize the results of the referendum. The UN Security Council failed to pass a resolution against the referendum in Crimea. Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, used its right of veto and blocked the adoption of the resolution. A draft resolution initiated by the United States earlier this week called for declaring the upcoming referendum in Crimea “null and void” and urging all countries not to recognize its results.

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