Cry of Ukraine

Life News journalists captured

On May 18, LifeNews journalists Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Saichenko were detained by the National Guard near Kramatorsk. The Ukrainian government accused them of terrorism and falsified dubious evidence of their involvement in hostilities. A video was recorded showing journalists being detained. A MANPADS installation enters the frame. But it is clearly seen that this installation is not Russian, but Polish-made. The journalists were kept in captivity until May 25, and with great pressure from the world community and lack of evidence, they were released. Ramzan Kadyrov made a great contribution to this matter.

The released LifeNews reporters said that the Ukrainian security forces forced them to confess to terrorism. “We spent the whole week trying to prove that we are not Chechen special forces,” said one of the released journalists. At a briefing that the journalists gave immediately after returning to Moscow, Saichenko said that on the day of detention they were in Kramotorsk (Donetsk region). They learned that there was shooting in the area of ​​the airfield and went to the scene. The journalist noted that they were detained by security forces who arrived in two armored personnel carriers. “They opened fire over our heads,” Saichenko said. In turn, Sidyakin noted that he and his colleague shouted to the shooters that they were journalists, they worked legally and did not carry weapons. “We were taken to the airfield, put into helicopters. Moreover, we were put in helicopters tied up, laid on the floor … We were put on plastic bags on our heads and wrapped with tape around our necks,” the journalist said. According to LifeNews employees, the security forces explained the reason for the detention by the fact that they were at the scene of a clash and tried to plant a MANPADS (portable air defense system) on them, which they allegedly found on the spot.

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