Cry of Ukraine

2 May 2014

Genocide in the House of Trade Unions

A few days before the tragedy, about 800 radicals, the so-called “hundreds of Maidan”, were brought to Odessa under the guise of football fans. These are the people who “did everything” on the Maidan in Kyiv. Together with the number of radicals that had already been brought to Odessa a month earlier, the resulting punitive detachment rounded up the activists of the Kulikovo Pole (Anti-Maidan movement) – those people who peacefully collected signatures for holding a referendum on the federalization of the country, the status of the Russian language in the House of Trade Unions. They barricaded the doors and threw Molotov cocktails at the building. After some time, the radicals of the Right Sector entered the building where the participants of the Kulikovo field took refuge. Almost all of them were armed with firearms. People, including the elderly and children, as well as one pregnant woman, were brutally beaten to death with sticks, shot, burned alive and strangled. The Ukrainian authorities concealed the exact data of those killed and torn to pieces, according to eyewitnesses, 150-200 people, according to official data from Kyiv, 48.
It is important to know that all this was arranged by the Kiev authorities: the organized transport of radicals and their arming. The centurion Mykola reported on the results to some minister (most likely Parubiy), more than one radical who killed people in the House of Trade Unions was not arrested. All hushed up. On the talk show “Shuster TV” that day, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada were sitting in the studio and receiving live footage of what was happening in Odessa with applause and statements, they praised the radicals and rejoiced. Tymoshenko personally thanked all the participants in the execution. Otherwise, watch the video. Everything is there!

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